anthropologie + a budget= RUCHE

I bookmark so many sites that sometimes ones I want to revisit get lost in the shuffle. How Ruche has been in my shop links without being revisited by me, I will never know. Luckily I just refound it and am making a mental note to visit often. Ruche is like Anthropologie on a smaller scale and on a tighter budget (as in clothing starting in the $20 range and accessories starting under $10). Works for me! There are gorgeous, feminine details in each piece and it is hard to close the site without dropping something in your cart. Luckily (or not), the beauties I wanted the most are sold out (these perfect boots). But maybe next time, I won't be so lucky and I will actually have to fight the shopping urge...


sikegami said...

This is amazing! Thanks for posting, your find is my new obsession! Such beautiful photography and pieces!

Emma said...

I LOVE Ruche so much! I first found out about them from The Brightside Project (which I go to almost every day now, thanks to you :), and I've already ordered dresses and sweaters that people think are from Anthropologie. I've even seen some of the same pieces on the Anthropologie website as the Ruche website. Perfect!

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