COUCH dilemma

Okay... I'm overreacting, I suppose. This is not a real dilemma. I just have a very hard time making decisions. We are currently in the market for a new couch and it is proving to be more than my indecisive, pregnant brain can handle. The mission is to find a comfortable, neutral, microfiber (so it will at least be semi-safe around the little one) couch that we can fit on laying down. The couch saga begins...

Our "ideal" couch was the 93" Lounge Sofa from Crate & Barrel, but when we actually tried it out in the store on Saturday, I realized how deep and loungey it really is. If we had a formal living room and a family room, it would be a great family room couch, but it is not a couch I'd feel comfortable using for both. The reason? I shimmied to the back of the couch so the cushions were supporting my back and in order to sit on it with my back supported, my legs from mid-calf below were just sticking off the end in mid-air and I'm 5'9", so it's not like I'm a short person. I began thinking of all the scenarios in which we'd have people over to sit on that couch and I thought of grandma and grandpa attempting to sit comfortably on it with their little grandparent socks and comfy shoes hanging off the end, and that is when I realized it just wouldn't work for us.
Then we went into West Elm and both fell in love with their Blake Sectional. I realized that our living room is shaped in a way that would make a sectional fit perfectly... buuut at about $2400, that isn't even an option. Oh, how we wish it was.

Then we decided to take our search to Craigslist and we are now looking at the following couches:
$500 for this sectional originally from the San Francisco Design Center. I'm really liking the sectional idea so this is a definite possibility.
This is a microfiber couch from Z Gallerie. It's 7+' long and comes with the two matching chairs. A living room set would be very nice and it's in like new condition. This is probably the closest we'd come to finding a newish microfiber set being sold used.

Not microfiber, but for only $250, I'll let it take whatever a kid can throw at it and will turn around and buy another used sofa in a couple of years. It's 8'6" and an interesting shape. It looks comfy, but I'll let our bums decide that once and for all if we decide to visit it.

So what do you think? Any comments, opinions or suggestions to help with our hunt?

Edit: Well, we did it. We bought the last couch listed and are going to get it professionally cleaned. It's fun and comfy and we can't wait to put it in our living room when we move back in!


Shannon said...

that last one is so weird and awesome. i feel like its the one.

Lindsey M Nelson said...

coming from the perspective of a mom of three year old twin boys: go with the CHEAPEST option. Our sofa is a hand-me-down and all our furniture is cheap-o and I am soooooo glad we don't have any furniture that we paid a bunch of money for. It is all getting destroyed. I imagine when my kids go off to college I will finally feel like it will be worthwhile to invest some money in nice furniture (besides, buying used is so much better for the environment :) ) Good luck making your decision!

Heidi Jo said...

Shannon- Ha ha! I agree. I just keep going back to that one for those exact reasons.

Lindsey- Thanks so much for your input! That confirms my thoughts about just going cheap. I won't be so paranoid about kid messes if I have a cheaper, used couch!

Family Of 5 said...

Try Firefly trading company. You will get something new, at a used price....They are in Healdsburg...I think they get costco stuff.
Also, I love the idea of buying used, but it creeps me out at the same time. There are somethings that cleaning just won't erase...Your little one will be climbing, drooling, licking, sleeping, and playing all over it...
Buy something cheap, that you know you won't cry a bucket of tears over when its time to get rid of it...
Good Luck!!!

MrsOrtelle said...

We got this (http://www.scandinaviandesigns.com/home_living_sectionals/item/1124) scandinavian design sectional (in a mustard yellow color - LOVE!) on craigslist for $300 when we first got our house. My best advice to craigslist shopping for big ticket items is to check often and be patient - you will find something perfect (or close to it) if you have the patience to wait for it, and like I said, check often, because the good stuff gets gobbled up quick! I saw the post for our couch minutes after it was posted (at 10:30pm) and was there the next afternoon to pick it up - I e-mailed her immediately hoping it would give me first priority and thankfully it worked!

Happy hunting! <3

Alice said...

Finding the perfect couch is like finding the perfect swim suit - nearly impossible. When we thought the kids were finally old enough to not muck up a new couch we felt it was time to buy a nice one. My husband and I spent agonizing days searching for the perfect couch for our family. Of course, most men don't really care what it looks like, just what it feels like when they fall asleep on it while watching TV. The women want it all; beauty, durability, exceptional wear, comfort, and adequate seating. And yes, one must consider the depth of the couch for the shorter relatives (or provide additional seating for them). Also, if the couch is really comfy, it must be large enough for everyone to pile on while watching a family movie, otherwise a fight will ensue. Other things to consider: is it strong enough to hold up when child child number three performs her running dive jump; will it show soiling from child number one when he drinks on the couch (a no no), or when baby spits up (spit happens); and can the cusions be turned over to hide stains that no one noticed until it was too late.

Best of luck in your search for a new couch. Don't forget to show us what you end up with!

MrsOrtelle said...

I saw your hubby posted something about going off to get a craigslist couch! Which one did you pick?

lucy@fourwallsandaroof said...

Congrats on the purchase - good choice! I agree - get something you won't mind kids jumping on! It'll look great though, cool shape.

Congrats on your baby news too. I agree - April is a fabulous month to have a baby!

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