to DECORATE or not to decorate

I don't know if I will be decorating for Christmas this year. We are still living in my parents' guest room and our house is on the verge of being done. I am afraid that if I decorate in our room, it will bind our fate and the house won't be done by Christmas. But then again- the chances of us getting into our house, organizing, AND being able to decorate all by Christmas are very slim. So what's a girl to do? I think my plan will be to decorate for the holidays even if we move back in after Christmas. Is that totally absurd? Probably. We shall see. And we'll see how long I hold out on my "no decorating the guest room" vow.

In other Christmasy thoughts- I have no idea what sort of Christmas decor I like. Sometimes I think I like classic green and red and other times I think I like pops of whatever-color-I-decide-to-go-with like in the photo above. Someday I will figure it out. What is your holiday decor style?

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sikegami said...

how cool, your home is almost done! it's been fun to be a part of the journey and it will be even more fun as you decorate! you have such great style, whatever you do will be fab! I love, love, this garlan (I am seeing it everywhere!) and wreath. it's so happy, like it belongs up all year long. like yourself, i like the classic red and green but i also long for pops of color so....i do both. i keep our decorations to a minimum, lights and garland on the mantel with lots and lots of christmas pictures of friends and families and I have a table runner with little birds on it i got 5 years ago with matching wooden birds to set out...i don't know what it is about those birds! we have a fake tree that is too much like charlie brown, it's so sad and hasn't been decorated yet and i don't know if i will even do it this year! so, i guess for the most part i stick to red and green except for the giant box of wild and crazy color threaded ornaments that's purpose is to cheer up our tree :) I am so excited to find out what you do!!!!

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