Hi there! Remember me? Yeeeeah. It's been almost a month since I've posted- a busy bee month. I was in full-on prep mode for Lil' A's 1st birthday party till April 30th, then I was in full-on recovery mode for a week, and then it was Mother's Day. Pretty much it's been busy around here and when it hasn't been busy it's been a yawning fest. The only person who has been rested is the little gal. Sometimes I envy her eating and sleeping schedules. Well, maybe all the time.

So how was your Easter and Mother's Day? We hopped from one grandparents' house to another on Easter and I scored $7 of change in the Easter egg hunt. I still persuade my parents to do money hunts for the 20-something and 30-something year old cousins. I'll shed a tear the day that they stop. Mother's Day was lovely as well. Hubby got me Decorate (woohoo!) as an early Mother's Day present and then on Mother's Day he and the gal took me shopping at H&M and we had lunch at Chipotle. He knows what I like. That preeeeetty much catches you up on the life happenings. Anything I should know about any of you? Engagements? Pregnancies? New jobs? Fabulous new shoes? ;)

This week I have some exciting things to share with you---
#1.) Photos and details from Lil' A's bday party.
#2.) Lil' A's nursery tour- FINALLY! I know you thought it would never happen, but you are mere days away from the reveal!

So hang in there and I promise not to disappear for a while. Happy mid-May Monday to you!

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Hubby said...

Happy Mid-Tuesday!


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