Lately I have been crafting and decorating and thrifting and getting ready for A's 1st birthday party. I seriously cannot believe she is turning 1. Insane. I have been loving actually accomplishing things. When the birthday madness is over, or when I feel like I am prepared for the event, I will be back with photos of my craftiness. But for now- a picture of my gorgeous girl as shot by April Christine Photography. If only I had those blue eyes. Yes, I am jealous of my 11-month old.


Anonymous said...

So pretty!
I am refurbishing a child's rocker for a shower in May.
Its what I always do for baby showers. I refurbish a rocker or a rocking horse.

HOOTENANNY...Jennifer Jacks said...

PRECIOUS! Love her pearls!

familyof5 said...

So I missed the partay...post some pics for me of all that I didn't get to see!

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