-Lil’ A constantly getting into the cabinet in the bathroom that houses all of my feminine products. She spreads them everywhere and often interrupts my shower by flinging the shower curtain back to show me the pads in her hands. Yes honey, very exciting...
-Going back and forth about growing my hair out or chopping it for a year. I have finally decided. My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders right now and I am just not a long hair girl. I loved my pixie and it’s time for it to reappear.
-Looking frantically around the house for my iPhone only to look down and find that it was in my hand the entire time I was looking. Time for more sleep.
-Being overcharged by $80 at a floral supply store on a day when I was in a hurry to leave. She handed me my receipt and I happened to look at the total and said, “Ummm- was it really $96.78?” It took over 10 minutes to rectify and I was given a red balloon and a “Happy Mother’s Day!” to make up for the inconvenience.
-The fact that I had like 5 obvious awesome things in my head minutes before writing this post and now they have all disappeared.
-Our bed breaking last week. Our mattress is now on the floor.

-Lil’ A learning to brush her “hair” even though she has none.
-The sister and niece are coming to visit for 10 days. The girls are at the perfect age to play together so I plan to be entertained.
-Peonies and vegan donuts from a date to Whole Foods.
-Hubby designed and painted the custom cabinet pictured for our flatscreen. He’s awesome like that.
-Thrift shopping. I have gotten some fun finds lately. Some vintage children’s clothing here, some milk glass there.
-Free beef from my parents who raise and butcher a cow every year. I think we’ve only bought beef once in our 5 years of being married.
-Reserving the room for our August 5-year anniversary trip. 4 nights away with no baby! Amazing and scary at the same time.
-Lil’ A getting her own tiny Toms from Nana for her birthday. They are shimmery silver and I can’t wait till she fits in them!

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small + friendly said...

Hooray! I am so glad I found your blog! That tv cabinet is very awesome and laughed so hard about the iphone in your hand, I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me!

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