Cake ball leftovers!

First time at the beach.

Love cloud from hubby.

One way to celebrate the royal wedding.

Snuggle buddy made out of hubby's old favorite shirt. Based on this DIY.

She loves him.

Nap break in between errands.

New pillow shams sewed by me. Attempting to finish up the bedroom.

A crafting attempt and fail. Has anyone succeeded at making this?

Early Mother's Day present!!!

My dad, a mechanic, made me an actual mechanic's lamp after I showed him this one.

A cloud pillow that will show up in Lil' A's nursery tour this week.

Picking out sham fabric.

My favorite cereal with goat milk. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Not one bit healthy. Oops.

While I don't always have time to get behind the computer to post, I do always have time to snap photos on my iPhone while on the run and post them to Instagram. My username is heidijo if you want to follow my crafting and child-rearing adventures. Leave your username after the beep if you're already hooked up with Instagram.



Corynne Escalante said...

hey Heidi, in response to the lace project. i haven't made one, but i bookmarked a tutorial for making a bowl out of lace and it called for fabric stiffener, which i think might work better than modpodge (i think that's what you tried using?) also, i saw a tutorial using fabric stiffener to make a lamp, by using fabric stiffener on the cloth of an stuff-less softie and then inserting string lights...

small + friendly said...

I too, am trying to finish my bedroom! I made the DIY lamps with twine (I'm sure easier than doilies) and they were WAY harder than described and I ended up deciding they were too nautical for my living room, I'm sure they'll be will be added to my sons decor.

candice said...

cute family! and THAT lamp! he did a good job. i am on the search for a commercial whisk to make a light with.

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