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I just love handmade softies but unfortunately I don't have a job to sustain my desire to fill little A's room with a never-ending supply of itty bitty friends. While I was at the fabric store this week, I found the book Wee Wonderfuls and instantly fell in love with all the doll and animal softie projects found inside. I thought, "I can do that!... Probably... Maybe... I think I can! I think I can!" And now that book is sitting patiently by my comfy cozy chair, waiting for the day when I get rid of my sewing-fright and decide it's time to make some Easter gifts for the girly. Luckily it is a beautiful and perfectly styled hardcover book so even if it ends up sitting in my living room for a year without being used, it will look lovely doing so.... Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself there. ;)

Hillary Lang is the brilliant mind behind Wee Wonderfuls. Check out her blog, and if you do have a job simply to sustain your softie obsession, check out these etsy softie shops: tiddlywinks --- Stitchface --- Contemori --- Koo & Poppet --- Sleepy King --- tiny warbler

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Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps telling me to make plush toys but I'm nervous about safety issues. I need to get a book like that and learn how to properly make safe kiddo toys. Right now, I'm only making the decorative stuff like ornaments and mobiles so that kids won't chew on them or rip them apart. If you have any advice as a mom... let me know! Jess

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