(The goblet and tallest vase were found yesterday. The other 3 beauties were found a couple weeks ago.)
(I am always in the market for more round and oval frames.)

(Little A's new softie baby and baby bed. I imagine someone's sweet grandma sewed this. I love that it can be thrown in the washer if needed. It was washed minutes after it arrived home.)

(A kooky It's A Small World Avon perfume bottle.)

(Little A's "new" vintage carousel sweater. So sweet.)

The thrifty queen asked that I post pics of my thrifted treasures from yesterday. Here you go, sister dear. And here you go, reader dears.


brigitte said...

i've been looking all day waiting for the update! HOW FUN!!!! what thrift stores are you going to?

Heidi Jo said...

I went to the downtown ptown thrift stores with Hartlyn. They were pretty good!

knack said...

what awesome finds girl! lovin that sweet little baby bed...and the carousel sweater!


Hilary @ My So-Called Home said...

Hey I just found your blog (looking for photos of Broyhill Brasilia furniture) and I just wanted to say I love it all. I'm totally into thrifting as well and I love all your milk glass vases, I actually own the one you have, all the way to the right. Keep up the good work!

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