THRIFTING treasures

Happy Monday, friends! It's happy for me because of these silly things.

(I love this cross-stitched prayer for the nursery wall. The animals and their babies are precious.)

(I love these little cubby homes. I plan to paint them and back them with fun paper.)

(This paint by number grabbed my attention but I almost left without it. Hubby loves it too so I'm glad it found it's way home with me.)

(I found the middle Pyrex last week and was ecstatic. A little elderly woman behind me said "I have one of those! That's really old!" Ha... So cute.)

(My house is practically a zoo with all my animal decor. I can't help it. I've always loved animals. This cow had to come home with me. No question.)

My last two thrifting expeditions set me up with quite a bit of quirky loot. My sister is queen of all the thrifting royalty and her amazing finds have inspired me to search through our thrift stores more regularly. The little crooked house is thanking me for bringing it some things to pretty i up. Hopefully a house tour is in the not to distant future, and I may finally share the completed nursery with you next week. One project left to finish.

My sister-in-law and I are going out thrifting tomorrow and I hope to have a few more fun things to share afterwards. Fingers crossed!


brigitte said...

awwwwwwe, so sweet! haha. glad to have inspired you. when i come up next we should go.

Anonymous said...

Love Pyrex!

brigitte said...

is that a quilt under the cow head?

Heidi Jo said...

Sister- it's the anthro tablecloth

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