smitten with PLAID

plaid bunting

plaid pillow

plaid dinnerware

plaid deer

plaid shoes

Plaid and I were serendipitiously reunited this winter. My mom and I were hunting for Christmas craft materials in the beginning of December and I passed a rack of plaid and a fresh love for plaid washed over me. I brought a teal plaid over to my mom and told her I had to find some use for it. She laughed at my enthusiasm over plaid. After all, plaid is always around somewhere--- on men's work shirts, school girls' skirts, and your neighbor's Yorkie's little dog shirt. But plaid and I parted ways halfway through high school and I hadn't looked on it with favor again until the beautiful teal plaid showed itself to me in Joann. I have since put a plaid pillow on my couch, pulled my rarely worn plaid shirt out of the closet to spend the day with me, and loved on hubby's new plaid flannel shirts. It's official. I am once again smitten with plaid.


Marisa Midori said...

Love the colour palette on the You+Me print. And that Anthro plaid dinnerware is spectacular.

P.S. Love your blog header!

blue moss said...

all so good!!
but i love that plaid bunting!!

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