daily duds: 1.26.11

Shirt: gift from sisters-in-law, I have no idea where from - Vest: American Rag from Macy's - Jeans: LOFT - Boots: Born from Macy's

Well I'm lucky to have even gotten out of my pjs and into presentable clothing today. Baby girl is teething up a storm and definitely running the house. She's barely eating, yelling at me if I attempt to put her down and do something--- like get dressed (heaven forbid I try to put clothing on!), and wants to be rocked all day. She's been teething for a long while but it got intense yesterday. Come on little teeth! Push your way through! Anyway- it's been a crazy day and I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished besides putting this outfit on.
I don't wear much jewelry as of late which is not like me at all, but it was time to put away the big jewelry when little hands started grabbing the dangly things from my ears and little gums started nawing on anything hanging from my neck. These days my daily jewelry consists of stud earrings, my wedding ring and this right hand ring. Hubby got me this ring from Brilliance Found for Christmas. I absolutely love it.

I have two pairs of Born boots and love them both with a burning love that starts deep in the soles of my feet. Hubby got me these ones for Christmas two years ago and they are seriously the comfiest boots I have ever worn. I can wear them walking and on extended shopping trips and my feet are as happy at the day's end as they were in my slippers at home.
How is your day going?


Anonymous said...

Lovely ring Heidi!!! I love that you are getting out of your jammies and getting all pretty.... I find that working at home makes me get more and more "comfy" all the time. Kudos to you :)

Erika said...

That ring is sooo gorgeous! I love love love it!

KaTie said...

Yay, you're back! :D i love the new twenty-eleven blog layout.

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