daily duds: 1.23.11

Shirt: Anthropologie, probably 6 years ago - Jacket: Anthropologie, 3 years ago - Pants: Anthropologie this Christmas - Heels: JCPenney - Baby: mine

Okay, I know I said you'd probably never see me in heels but my usually anti-heels feet put these 2-inch pumps on this morning and said, "heeeey! these aren't so bad! and we look pretty dang good!", so the ban on heels might be off--- if I can find some more 2-inch heels that my feet can handle. (I was tempted to say "that my feet can stand" but it was too similar to something my dad would have said while I was growing up--- to which my response would have ultimately been a pity laugh and groan all in one. Daaaaaaaaaaaaad... )

Today we went to church as we often do, but last night I didn't get everything laid out and ready for church which made this morning a scramble. I'll admit I tried on 3 different outfits before deciding on this one. It ended up being cutesy and casual and comfy. I'm a fan. Of course, now I'm home with baby crawling all over the place and a husband working out in the yard, and am contemplating putting on my sweats to do a little housecleaning and decorating. Such is life.
I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend and that your Sunday is comfy cozy!


blue moss said...

i've been anti-heels for awhile, but have recently converted. i'm all about wearing boots lately...but wore heels today and loved them.
loved your outfit and that adorable little cutie next to you :)
hope you are well

Erika said...

I really would love to feel comfy with heels, but i'm 176cm tall (which is soooo tall, but it's tall) and I feel weird wearing them, so silly, I know! Perhaps one day I will step over to the other side called "Heel-land" :)
Your cuteeeey is so relaxed over there sitting on the ground, having the "oh mom, not again look"...for now it is just an imagined one, but soon that look is gonna be so real! :))

have fun with the "heelexperiment"!

Anonymous said...

I intend to buy more heels just to look more put together but sometimes flats are the only way to go.
Cute little baby!

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