birthday BOOTS

I have a quick minute and must share with you my favorite purchase of the year made a couple of weeks ago with my birthday money. I love birthday money. It's so much better than regular money because you can just buy fun and slightly frivolous or extravagant things with it. My extravagant birthday purchase was these Born boots.

They make every outfit I wear 100 times more exciting. That much excitement packed into one outfit element is definitely worth the dollars hubby earned, gave me, and I spent.


brigittte said...

wow, you must really love those boots!!! they are cute tho.

blue moss said...

i love birthday boots!!
i love your birthday boots :)

Sarah Ikegami said...

I love these! In fact, I have a pair of Born boot's on order, only the short, ankle version. I bet you look so cute wearing them, what a fabulous pair of birthday boots :)

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