this is REAL LIFE, people

Hubby and I often talk about how things that happen in real life are so much more interesting and unbelievable than anything anyone could imagine up. Real people are so much crazier than movie characters. Real situations are so much funnier than Seinfeld.... no, actually, Seinfeld is based on real life so it's pretty much just as funny as real life. Real life never fails to shock me and make me laugh- and that laughing often happens when I'm recalling funny instances from the week and am all by myself (i.e. wearing a baby--- which is pretty much all by myself because baby can't really contribute a lot to conversations at this point) strolling around a store where people can see me laughing to myself.
(Sidenote: Don't people look crazy when they are all alone and smiling? Whenever movies try to depict a crazy person, at some point they are just eerily smiling to themselves. I saw someone walking on the sidewalk the other day and they were just smiling to themselves and I thought, "Caaaaraaazyyy!" but then I remembered I do that all the time. I must look like a crazy too. Okay, I suppose I am. :End Sidenote)

Real life is too funny to not share the silly things that are seen, overheard, and experienced, so I have decided they will have their place on Crooked Shmooked. Because really, I want to turn you all into smiling and laughing crazies, like me. :)

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