daily duds: CRAYOLA COLOR

Happy Monday, ladies and gents! I disappeared off the face of the blogosphere for a bit there because my dear wittle baby sister and niece were in town for a week. She's not really that wittle. She's 3 years and 3.5 months my junior. Her daughter is 5 months older than Lil' A AND she is pregnant with number two. So she's older than me in babymaking years. That's peeerfectly alright with me though. Pop 'em out to your heart's content, sis. Besides spending the week watching our little gals share, not share, hug, knock each other over, and be their adorable selves, we shopped at F21 on ma's dime (a favorite pasttime, if I do say so myself), and hit up an awesome local Salvation Army compound. I came home with lots of treasures that initiated a bit of a clash between husband and I because, well, he didn't know that ma's tab was closed and the treasures were now on his. Marriage and money. Blech. Hopefully some of the money will return to me someday though, because most of the treasures are going to go in my vintage etsy shop which is going to pop up sometime next month! I'm pretty excited to finally open a shop. It will be a fun little side project that will hopefully drum up a teeny bit of play money for me. You'll be the first to know when it opens.

All in all, it was a pretty busy and fun and tiring week- so busy and fun and tiring that I didn't spend much time on the interweb. It's good to have weeks and/or days like that from time to time. In fact, husband and I decided that Sunday is our day of no technology. It's not a hard and fast rule in case we are both so exhausted that we want to just chill by watching a movie, but it has been nice to take our attention off of our iWorld and put it on each other and the babe. Oh- and excuse me while I laugh to myself a little bit because I happen to be typing this post on... Sunday. The other loophole in the no technology rule is that if the other person is napping, a bit of solitary technology is okay. I may or may not have made that loophole up just now.

(dress: F21, thanks, mom! - tights: Target - flats: Target - bangle bracelets: The Icing - earrings: gold studs so tiny you can't see them, stolen from ma)

(Husband is awake from his nap now so I have to finish this post quick! *gasp* I just turned around to see what he is doing and he is playing Words With Friends! I guess I can cease typing 100 wpm and finish this at my leisure.)

This is the outfit I wore to church to hear my BIL preach. He did a fantastic job, by the way. It was pretty exciting to wear such vibrant colors although I did feel like an advertisement for Crayola compared to the other colors worn in church this morning. Husband took my outfit photo this time. Isn't that nice of him? And I realized my dad's shop is the perfect backdrop. There are also a variety of barn walls on the property that may get some love in the future too. Maybe the days of bedroom mirror with laundry in the background self-portraits are over. We can only hope.

P.S. Today is my half birthday! Do you celebrate half birthdays?

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Michelle said...

I love it!! So cute!

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