daily duds: I WEAR YELLOW

(shirt: F21 - cardi: LOFT - jeans: Express from 6 years ago... the beginning of the skinny jeans saga - belt: Anthropologie - flats: Target - laundry: overdue)

(shirt: H&M - necklace: Anthropologie from the inlaws - skirt: LOFT - flats: Target)

I think this cardi, skirt, and flats are the only three yellow things I own, but they managed to make it into a post together. Yellow just sticks together like that, I guess. These two outfits are weeks apart because I keep forgetting to take any photos of my outfits! I think it's my selective memory intentionally forgetting because it is really weird to take photos of myself, especially when I haven't found a good place or way to do it. Maybe someday I'll remember...

Lately I have been uber exhausted- uber duber. Hey, if people can say super dooper, I think I can say uber duber. It's fun to say out loud. Do it. I just did it. Really. It was fun. Anyway, do you ever get into a sleep and health rut and end up hating yourself for it? I am definitely in one right now and my body is paying for it. Ever since the baby stopped sleeping in our bed, I've been staying up way too late to get my "me time." My "me time" is taking the place of "sleep time." Not okay. And I've gotten in the habit of eating quick foods (as in Trader Joe's frozen chicken burritos) or forgetting meals and allowing myself to have lots of sugary treats. Ay yi yi... (Ricky Ricardo? Anyone?) I need to (wo)man up and make some changes! It's sure not easy, but it is necessary. *sigh* Sometimes it's tough being a person.

How are you doing? Any new health/sleep plans you've implemented lately? I need inspiration.


MrsOrtelle said...

I LOVE YELLOW. Particularly MUSTARD yellow. If I could find enough articles to wear everyday, I would.

As for sleeping/eating, I have definitely been neglecting my sleep category - hubby and I restarted the 24 series. Why we ever thought this was a good idea I couldn't tell you. Needless to say it is digging into my sleep as much as it was the first time I watched it!

BUT I've been doing much better on the eating side of things. I have been eating A LOT more vegan/dairy-free/gluten-free which just makes me FEEL better, and I have dipped my toe into the world of raw, which I am really enjoying playing with! Also, I have been starting my day out with a "green monster" : 1 C soymilk, 1 TB chocolate almond butter, 1 TB flax seeds, 1 TB chia seeds, 1 scoop chocolate amazing grass superfood, 1 frozen cut up banana, and a large salad's worth of spinach. This smootie is HUGE, but it makes the bod feel SO good! :)

Heidi Jo said...

Tanya- 24 again?! Lol. You guys are crazy. That smoothie sounds awesome. I've totally been down the crazy healthy eating road before and felt great but I'm struggling starting it up again. Do you use a blender or vitamixx for your smoothies? I want a vitamixx so bad!

Kristen said...

What is this chocolate almond butter? I have a giant Costco-jar of plain almond butter, and it's... plain. Weird and plain and giant. But with chocolate - there's an idea...

Also - love the yellow!

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