awkward & AWESOME thursday

-A stranger talking and singing to my daughter for 10 minutes in the Target checkout line while continuously grabbing my hand and putting her head on my shoulder to point out that I'm "mama".
- Getting a huge computer monitor and being excited to check out my blog only to see the iPhone pics I've been posting while computerless look hoooorrible. Sorry, dears!
- Goat milk chunks in my cereal this morning. Cow milk is not chunky. Why is goat milk?
- Thinking the man at Trader Joe's who spent 10 minutes in the cheese section, who was staring at his cart with his 2 inches away and talking excessively loud was mentally handicapped, then hearing him say "I'm hiiiiigh". Oh.
- Trying to type a big word and then being told by spellcheck that it's spelled wrong... then being unable to find the real word. I still have no idea.
- Daylight Savings is this Sunday. Ugh.

- Going on a date with Mr. Man for his birthday last night. Three cheers for my husband being born! He is the best thing to ever happen to March 9th... well... since Charles M. Graham patented artificial teeth in 1820... and the first Ford Mustang was produced in 1964. Since then. ;)
- Mr. Man spilling the beans about how he bought tickets to an upcoming Josh Groban show for our anniversary. FLOOR SEATS. 13 ROWS BACK! AH! Hello, mother of early (5 months early) anniversary surprises! And hello, wonderful husband man!
- My new "go to bed at 10, wake up at 6" routine. Well, I have yet to find out if it's awesome. Today is my first day. But breakfast at 6:45 with no baby has been awesome so far!
- Finding adorable baby clothes on clearance at Target. A lot of them.
- This Anthropologie announcement. One is coming to my local Anthro!
- Doing this Awkward and Awesome post. I love all things awkward and awesome. Thanks for the inspiration, Sydney!


The Mr. Man formerly known as Hubby said...

I love it! So fun to see all the awkwardness and awesomeness recapped. :) Gud jerb!

Corynne Escalante said...

i liked this! <3

Anonymous said...

Fun read!

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