awkward & AWESOME thursday: the TMI version

-My hair. My bangs need to be trimmed and I am attempting to grow my hair out but it is an odd length right now and lives up in a bun.
-Having bean burritos for dinner. And the resulting stomach ache.
-Meeting a relative's girlfriend who was the cause of his divorce.
-Aunt Flo visiting for the first time in 20 months. I did not miss her.
-4 sharp baby teeth + nursing. Figure it out.

-Baby girl slept through the night three times this past week and has been taking hour naps more often rather than the 30 minutes naps I have been enduring for most of her life.
-Homemade pad thai with friends-- friends who brought me tulips.
-Hubby's new iPad 2.
-Scoring Baby GAP deals from a $50 for $25 coupon.
-My sister is coming visit in a few weeks and then my best friend will be here the next week! Looking forward to two weeks of awesome!
-Baby girl waving at me as she nurses as I finish this post. Okay, awesome for me... awkward for you.

I love having more awesome than awkward in my week! How is your week going? One more day till it's the weekend! Hang on!


Mr. Man said...

That was uber duber! Such a fun thing to read! Love!

Erin said...

Lucky girl..AF has already blessed me with her presence twice, despite being EBF. And thanks for noting the nap changes, these 15-30 minute naps kill me. It's not enough time to do anything! Hoping Charlie follows her lead.

Erika said...

Haha, this post was really sweet I enjoyed reading it. It is nice to hear nice things are going your way...:) My week also had more awesome than awkward :)) Suppose this is one of those weeks... Have a super great weekend too :) Hugs

Hilary@MySo-CalledHome said...

This has definitely been an awesome week- the sun's shining and we put in an offer on our first house and it's beautiful. Yay for more awesomeness than awkwardness!

Heidi Jo said...

Erin- omg. Those short naps are horrible. Enough time to run to the bathroom and eat a meal you forgot about. I'm sorry. It gets better someday. And I hear that someday you can even accomplish things while they are awake! Ha! And AF twice already?! That's just not right. Some relatives just feel too welcome.

Erika- Yay for an awesome week!

Hilary- Wow! Congratulations! I hope you get it! And that we get to see photos!

Heidi Jo said...

Mr. Man- xoxo, of course!

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