we're IN!

We moved into our house! It took 1 year and 3 months of remodeling on and off by my dad, hubby, father-in-law, bros-in-law, uncle, dad's friends, and random other friends. We are living surrounded by piles of stuff and I don't know where half of my possessions are, but we are IN. We have no internet and no windowshades, but we are IN. Our stove isn't quite hooked up and we are living by microwaveable meals, but we are IN! I know you thought I was teasing you all these months. I know you thought, "Suuuuure she has a crooked little house that is being worked on. Living with the parents for over a year and saying she's moving in soon about once a month? Sounds like crazy talk to me." Well, I'm not crazy! (Okay I'm a little crazy...) I tell the truth! And the truth is- we are in our little crooked house and we couldn't be happier! Well, we might be a little happier if we had some awesome organizing superpower where we could snap our fingers and everything jumped into place, but that's probably the only way. So excuse me while I purge and organize and decorate (and take frequent breaks to rest and eat- after all, I am almost 32 weeks pregnant). I'll post pics when I am able and can't wait to share actual decorating projects with you rather than random wishes and inspirations. It is a good day, friends! Hugs to you all!


la fille fac├ętieuse said...


sikegami said...

EXCITING! I'm happy for you, what an adventure about to begin in the crooked house!

blue moss said...

woo hoo!!!
so exciting ...so happy for you

Laina said...

Yay Heidi!! Can't wait to see some pictures of how you set it all up!

Family Of 5 said...

YEAH!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it!

jasonmarkjones said...

awesome! congrats, nothing like a baby-on-the-way to really get you motivated!

good luck with getting organized...the worst advice i could give you is to just throw everything in the garage, but that's what we did :)

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