don't you dare tempt me, IKEA

Hubs and I bought ourselves a flatscreen for Christmas. From us to us. Since we spend many a date night watching movies in rather than out at the theater, it seemed like a nice date enhancer. But once you buy a big 'ol flatscreen, you need a big 'ol entertainment center that it can go on top of. Today we found just the one we never knew we always wanted.

Unfortunately it is out of our price range of $0 - $0. What do you think: diapers for the little stinker growing in my belly oooor this shiny, pretty cabinet? Okay.... diapers it is. Gosh. Poop sure costs a lot.


Megan said...

You just have to check out this blog I came across yesterday. Oh, the dreams I have now....and I don't even own a saw.

Heidi Jo said...

Awesome, Megan. I am now a follower. : )

Linda Crispell said...

$349.00 wowza dollars??? Every now and then Ikea does it right!!!

Heidi Jo said...

Linda- I agree! I was shocked that it's an IKEA piece! I have a few pieces of furniture I am going to try to sell on Craigslist, and if I am successful, this may be ending up in my home.

la fille fac├ętieuse said...

I KNOW. I LOVE that cabinet! The bf doesn't approve but I think he'll learn to love it (when I strike it rich and buy it and have a place to put it, etc)

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