Welcome to crooked shmooked! I'm sure you are wondering who I am and what I'm about. Let me answer some questions for you.

Who are you? My name is Heidi. I am married (to David), have two cats (Yogurt and BooBoo), and live in farm country in Northern CA. I am currently unemployed, but am constantly rolling creative ideas around in my head and desire to create and share my creations. Vague enough for you? Yeah- that's as far as I have gotten so far.

Why crooked shmooked? The house my hubby and I are renting was built around the 1930's. It was built directly on the ground with no real foundation. My grandparents lived in it, my parents lived in it, and when the wood floors started rotting, my German grandfather filled the floors with cement. As the years went on and the ground shifted, the house shifted. So we live in a crooked little house. But we say "crooked shmooked" because it's cozy and crooked equals character, right?

Why blog? I have been reading design blogs and magazines for a year now, storing up ideas for renovating our crooked home. I have been inspired by so many design blogs, that I thought, now that it is time for us to finally start the renovation- people might be interested to watch the process and check out what is inspiring us. If it ends up only being friends and family keeping up with this blog, that's okay. I'd love to share with anyone!

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