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Hubby and I were very blessed by friends and family when we got married in 2006 and started building our home, as people gave us furniture they were getting rid of, left and right. When we moved into our beautiful 1908 home with 4 rooms dedicated to the youth meetings, it seemed like a good idea to have 4 couches and 2 wingback chairs. Now that we are in the little crooked house, not so much. So we've decided to sell anything we don't love and then put that money towards a few pieces that we do love. I put a few things on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and between yesterday and today, we made $200 to go towards the furniture fund. Pretty exciting, right? I am sure you are curious what items we are saving for, so I'll share:

Numero uno- an armoir for our TV
I love, love, love this one from Anthropologie. Unfortunately it's almost $2000. Do I know anyone with a laser saw (I don't even know if that's what it's called) who wants to lasercut an armoir for me? Doubtful.

Numero dos- a dropleaf desk
We have an empty wall in the living room that we want to put a drop-leaf desk up against since we don't have an office. We've seen a bunch in antique shops and I think this is my favorite design thus far.

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