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(1.) Hubby's chalk portrait of the kook. (2.) The little man loves the wind in his hair. (3.) Shopping with the fam for my birthday. (4.) The duck fountain wasn't running so it became a toddler ride. (5.) I was living with the cracked, mute iPhone 4 for almost a year and finally got the iPhone 5! It's a whole new world. I can actually see what things look like on the screen now. (6.) The kook was scooting around on this giant rubber ducky at World Market while fanning herself with a pen fan and looking through a toy gun like a telescope, all the while making siren noises. I was cracking up. (7.) Our first baby-less date in 2 months! It was very much needed. (8.) The kook is constantly building things. She showed me this house she made and I was seriously impressed. (9.) The little man's squash face. (10.) Kale-Mango-Coconut Water smoothies at Whole Foods. We both loved them. (11.) "Don't worry mom. I'll put some on your face too." (12.) A gorgeous evening chasing cats and kicking a soccer ball. (13.) Little drummer boy. (14.) Building towers everywhere. (15.) Baby dedication at church. We dedicated both of the kiddos to the Lord and had our families there to support us. (16.) Waiting for dada to make dinner breakfast burritos. (17.) She's kind of cute sometimes. (18.) The little man pulled himself to standing this last week. Every time he does it I almost have a heart attack and hubby and I spot him until he's done. He's definitely not stable on his two feet yet. (19.) I did it. I decorated for Christmas. (20.) If she's not building, she's lining things up. This girl has a future in architecture.


Jessenia Lynel said...

I'm a new follower. Love your blog! We are doing our baby dedication at church soon too :)


Heidi Jo said...

Jessenia- Welcome! Thanks for letting me know you're here! And happy baby dedication! That's awesome. :)

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