-Twinkle lights make me incredibly happy. I've wanted to put some up for quite a while and when I saw these pink ones at the fabric store, I grabbed them (as in purchased them, not grabbed and stuffed them in my purse) and put them up as soon as I got home. I put the kook down for a nap, turned the lights off and grinned like a giddy little girl enjoying twinkle lights for the first time. They make me so happy and it's a wonder I never put any up before this!

-I finally came across the "is it poo or chocolate dilemma?" on a quilt yesterday... I opted to smell it rather than taste it. It was chocolate. PTL. Mama's been having some cravings lately.

-Lots of sleepless nights from taking care of sick littles turn into a morning of sleeping in till 11 with the toddler watching Curious George on the laptop for who knows how long. It's scary how well she can use that thing. I recall waking up at 9, spilling a cup of water all over my lap, changing, throwing a blanket over the spill then sleeping on it 2 more hours. I then forgot about the spill until getting into bed on top of a damp blanket that night. So of course I just threw a fresh blanket on and went back to sleep.... At 2am... After the baby boy was awake till 1:30am. Mom life is kicking my butt this week!

-I managed to make 1 homemade meal this week. This Lazy Sunday Casserole. I used chicken apple sausage, red potatoes, onions, carrots, and Granny Smith apples and omitted the Italian spices. It was pretty tasty. You really can't go wrong with this dish.

-Hubby is addicted to slickdeals.net and I'm not complaining. We've scored a lot of awesome things from his addiction. We currently have 5 $50 off of $100 Home Depot coupons to use by Sunday and have been plotting what to buy for the house. Exciting things like a new front door, peg board for the office/craft room, and rodent/ant/wasp killers.

-I started decorating for Christmas and listening to Christmas music. Judge all you want because I am LOVING it!

-My new favorite show is Hart of Dixie. It's funny, cute, romantic, and is full of great Rachel Bilson style. Such a chick show. If you like romcoms, you'll love it. You can watch the entire 1st season on Netflix streaming and catch the 2nd season on Hulu.

-My mom uniform this week has been sweatpants and whatever shirt I wore to bed the night before. Every day. This is a new low. I feel so horrible for the hubby to see me like this all week but between being covered in kiddo snot, lack of sleep, and my attempt to survive, I just can't seem to change into anything cuter or less comfortable.

-I'm loving these blogs lately: Small Fry -and- Dear Lizzy. These ladies have some serious mom style and crafting mojo. I'm totally not sending laser-jealousy beams from my bloodshot eyes in their direction right now.

-We recently purchased this bed on major sale (it's in the shed waiting for a mattress) and this light quilt is on its way to our house (bought with my birthday $$$). We are FINALLY decorating the bedroom after 3 years in this house, and after many squishy nights with 2 littles in the bed, we are upgrading to a king! The new bed is our Christmas gift to each other. I can't wait! 

-I'm praying these colds end soon and that the weekend grants us some much needed rest and stress relief!!!!!!!!! I'm not usually an advocate of the finger-stuck-on-the-exclamation-point-key sentences, but I am doing some major desperate praying over here!!!

What plans do you have this weekend? Any Christmas decorating plans or are you post-Turkey Christmas celebrators?


Dumb Mom said...

That recipe looks perfect. And I'm so happy you didn't taste it. Although the joy of discovering it was chocolate woulda probably been quite satisfying:).

Heidi Jo said...

Dumb Mom- Any recipe that has the word "lazy" in it is a keeper in my book! And the day I taste something brown to see if it's poo or chocolate will be a very sad day. I will then know that being a mom has killed too many of my logical brain cells. :)

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