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Hello, old friends! It's been a long time. Long enough for me to have a baby who is 6 months old without posting anything about his birth! Excuse me while I shudder with embarrassment. The truth is that I started Crooked Shmooked to share about my remodel and decorating and introduce you to fun decorating and fashion products, but I am now in a place where the remodel is done and while decorating is a never-ending task, I just don't want to invest the same amount of energy in looking at things I don't have when I have 2 little ones that demand my time and I should be doing and appreciating rather than sitting and envying. I want to start fresh with a blog that is just about my family, parenting, crafting, thrifting, and maybe a bit of fashion as I rediscover my style as a mom and have fun dressing the kids- which is one of the most fun things ever, by the way. I also have some DIYs up my sleeve already that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. So I have started Oh My Goose Nest, to share about my home of silly gooses. I would love it if you would join me over there. I will finally introduce you to the sweetest, most beautiful baby boy ever and you won't believe how my kook Adelaide has grown! Thank you for reading Crooked Shmooked and I hope to see you over on Oh My Goose Nest soon!


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