baby steps in DECORATING

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking! .... well, maybe not kicking... more like lounging in the amazingly comfortable rocker/recliner my husband bought me for Valentine's Day. The decorating is slow-moving. So slow that it's not happening. My due date is 4 weeks from tomorrow and my body is definitely letting me know that daily. We are working on getting the nursery ready and have been organizing the house as well. I hope to decorate before our little girls arrives, but we'll see! Three steps in the right direction are--- #1.) Finding our living room color palette inspiration in this vintage doily from my grandma. (Excuse the horrible photo quality.) #2.) Finding money that we didn't know existed while moving and purchasing the IKEA cabinet I was loving. #3.) My mom buying me this sweet Dottie Angel wall hanging.
It will all come together in time. Baby steps!

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