PIECES of me

I'm not much of a one-piece girl, mostly because my long torso makes it next to impossible to find a suit that fits... but also because once I put a one-piece on, the suit looks miles tall. But, I have to admit, this suit has even me, the one-piece-aphobe, reconsidering my bathing suit beliefs.


knack said...

I have MAJOR bathing suit issues and normally stay covered up ....but this is a fabulous suit:) xoxo

Erin said...

I would wear this. I love the return to Marilyn Monroe type suits. Modest and hot - a great combo! I still mostly wear two pieces though. So much easier to get on and off.

Heidi Jo said...

Erin- That's true. Wet one-piece bathing suits are the worst to get off. I haven't worn one in so long I forgot!

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