The internet is a wonderful place. I love how you can travel from... say... a favorite flickr group to a photo to profile to a blog and find something new and lovely. Last night I was looking through one of my groups, and found a home photo from pennyleavergreen that I was quite taken with. I then found her website and was pleased to see her whimsical sewn art. I tell you, some people got a generous helping of creativity when they were being pieced together in the womb. Penelope is one of those people. Her home is a beauty, her art is intriguing, and she also makes the sweetest toys and playmats upon request. It makes me wonder what the inside of her closet or car trunk look like. I have a hard time believing that there is anything within her reach that hasn't been turned into a poetic dream.

Um, hi, Penelope... can I borrow maybe a week's worth of your creative motivation to start some house projects I've been thinking of? Thank you. You won't be sorry.

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Michelle said...

dude, that wallpaper is amazing

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