the BRIGHTSIDE project

Today I would like to introduce you to the smile-inducing, thought-provoking, goodie-giving Bright Side Project. The brain-child of Miss B., this project started as 28 days of art giveaways intended to brighten the day of anyone stopping by and as the end of the 28 days drew near, Miss B. realized she didn't want it to end. During The Bright Side Project II Miss B. has gathered some amazingly talented accessory designers to riddle us with their questions and delight us with their gifts. As Miss B. puts it,"The Bright Side Project is here to bring you a little metaphorical sunshine every day, to help you stop for a second and remember life is (still) beautiful and there is goodness in the world," and it does just that!

I have enjoyed answering the artist's and designer's questions so much that I actually stopped caring if I won anything. The most recent question is: What makes you laugh with pure and utter delight? What a fun question to sit and think about- Just thinking about the things that make me laugh, well, makes me laugh. 

But apparently that wasn't enough, because Miss B. put a smile on my face when I read that I had won this feathered beauty from Terri Jones of tenthings who has long been one of my Etsy faves. Yay!

If you stop by The Bright Side Project today, you can get in on some great giveaways and questions from Toy Watch, Morelle, Candace Ang Jewelry and more. 

Smiles... laughs... sunshine... a chance to win pretty things... what are you waiting for?


Miss B. said...

WOW Heidi Jo! This was KICK BUTT!!! THANK YOU LOVELY!!! I will be adding you to the thank you post sooner than later!!!


Miss B.

knack said...

oh my word! How freakin cool!!

Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on the win!!

j.US.t chatter said...

very very cool contest.

wide open spaces said...

this is awesome. what a great idea - thanks for sharing!

linda Zweygberg said...

Hi there!

love your blog (: I can see that you lika Candace Ang, and so do we! Check out our blog-posting her jewelry and a interview with her!

http://w29showroom.blogspot.com/2009/02/electric-lady.htmlHave a great day!

// Linda

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