the little man's FIRST HAIRCUT

Someone got his first haircut and someone gave her first haircut this week. We had a friend do family photos for us on Tuesday and I knew I had to trim the little man's shaggy hair before putting him in front of a camera. I was definitely nervous as it was my first time cutting anyone's hair- besides a very unfortunate extreme bang trimming when I was 6 or so. I set the little man up in a booster chair, got some tiny sharp crafting scissors and just started cutting. The little man was dodging every attempt so I grabbed him a spatula to chew on. I trimmed as much as I could in the 10 minutes he allowed me near his head before he started throwing the spatula on the ground and swiping at my scissors. It is by no means a pro job and I definitely won't be waving him around out in public and declaring my hair cutting brilliance, but the shag is gone and the little man seems pleased. 9 months and 2 weeks old and his hair is finally trimmed. He's a handsome little thing. Maybe someday the kook will have some hair to cut too. I'll probably be able to make a hair baby out of all of the little man's hair trimmings before that happens.

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Hubby said...

Love the "hair baby" idea! Kook would love it! xo

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