a BOY?!

I am coming out of preggo hibernation to say hi and share our baby news. We are having a boy! What?! What do I do with a boy?? I don't have any brothers or close guy cousins so boy things are a foreign concept to my family, but I'm really excited none-the-less. I'm excited to see hubby with a son. He's already the sweetest dad ever with the little gal. I can't even imagine a mini him running around. Craziness. In less than 2 weeks I'll be in my 3rd trimester and that just sounds insane! February is right around the corner! The little man is kicking like a kook right now. I think that's him saying hi to you all.

The little man's first vintage outfit, from his Auntie Brigitte.

Little man clothes! Ah! And yay for 40% off GAP clearance sales!

Things consuming my brain right now are turning the guest room/office into a joint nursery for the kiddos, turning the gal's teeny room into an office/craft room, and Christmas shopping and crafting! Are you feeling the pressure yet? We're almost halfway done with shopping but I decided I'm going to craft a fair amount of presents this year so that's what my December will look like. How is Christmas prep going for you? Any handmade gifts in the works?

Well I just wanted to share our news. I have a few more posts in my brain that will hopefully make it onto the blog, but with this stunted piece of preggo brain, I make no promises. ;)


Anonymous said...


Suzy Home Made said...

Congrats on the boy! I miss seeing your posts!

Sarah Joy said...

Such cute clothes!
Congrats on your little boy! :)

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