With the beautiful summer-is-near weather that showed up on my doorstep this past weekend, I am loving this sunshiny house from Hus and Hem. It would be hard to have a gloomy day in such a bright place! And what kid- or adult- wouldn't love a bunkbed or reading nook like that? Hubby and I are inspired to create such a nook in our guest room. The only problem is that we might fight over it. We'll just have to make it big enough for the whole family to snuggle in!

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Ms.GaByTrEvInO said...

Wow your taste is similar to mine!
I love decorating stuff, well at least look at it I procrastinate a lot plus Im a student so I dont have a lot of time!! But you are right no one can be gloomy with that bright and cheerful decoration :D

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